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Our Safety Goals



Our Safety Rules

  • We don`t want any accidents, and no damage to our employees by pollutants.
  • We continuously improve our safety rules - including the dialogue with customers and the BG.
  • We work exclusively according to the highest safety standards and rules. Working safely is a prerequisite for action (working in the industry.
  • Each employee is responsible for his safety and the security in his own environment. If we notice any wrongdoing, we talk to our colleagues. All supervisors show clear leadership strengths and role models for all security tasks.
  • We get our employees in our safety concept by which we stimulate an enhanced awareness of our security objectives. We are improving our processes by learning from incidents.
  • We set the highest safety standards on ourselves, with our activities at the customer as well as at our sites.
  • We want everyone to go home as healthy as they have appeared to work.

    These are the most important rules by Maus Kommunal & Industrieservice must be understood before our employees get to work. Safety first!


Industrial Safety Advisory & Implementation Support

It is necessary to draw your attention that all the work associated with industrial cleaning and especially the high pressure processes shall be performed by trained personnel using appropriate protective equipment.

Here are a few examples of what can happen to you if you do not understand the power of a jet of water under high pressure and ignore the rules of safety.

For the more information please look at our Safety presentation to get information how to prevent the accidents when working with high pressure technology.

Preventive measures to prevent accidents when working with pressure

Follow the standards and norms, may significantly reduce or completely eliminate the occurrence of accidents at work with high-pressure water equipment:

• The use of national and international standards

• Standards of Safety Company

• Monitoring of safety standards

• Education staff safety and working with high-pressure equipment

• Personal Protective Equipment - PPE

• Continuous monitoring of working equipment

• Tool-box meetings and informing staff about new safety standards

• Access to work, getting started, and check-list

Monitoring of safety standards

Companies need to have specially trained staff who could address the issues and analyze the situation with regard to business processes associated with high pressure for safety and quality of their performance. The position of these officers should be based on the assumption that the nature of some action by the staff working with high pressure may have unacceptable risks. These officers must have the power to impose sanctions and punishment, as well as be responsible for accidents.

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