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I. Cancellation
Cancellation of orders by the customer is always possible and must be in writing.

II. Prices
For the contracts valid at the time of contracting the valid price list of the company, unless otherwise agreed in individual contracts. Price changes are effective immediately.

III. Scope
First For all concluded with the company / completed initial, ongoing and future transactions subject to the following conditions. The Company recognizes the present terms and conditions deviating conditions of the client does not. These are not part of the contract even if the company does not explicitly object. Second With the Ertelung order the exclusive validity of these terms and conditions will be recognized by the customer.

IV. Contract
First A contract between the company and the customer comes about either by a written confirmation by letter, fax or e-mail from the company, or the fulfillment of the contract by the company. The company has the right to reject unconfirmed orders without giving reasons. Second By the client orally orders and order changes gave already confirmed orders are only effective if they are confirmed by the company in writing. Third For the contracts valid at the time of contracting the valid price list of the company.

V. Liability
First The Company is not responsible for the continuous accessibility of the website. Second For damages, regardless of the legal basis, the company is only liable for intent, gross negligence and lack of a guaranteed quality. This also applies to vicarious agents and legal representatives of the company. Third In all other cases, the company is liable only if essential contractual obligations are violated (cardinal obligations). Here, the compensation is limited to the typically foreseeable damage. A balance of atypical or unforeseeable damage does not occur.

VI. Disclaimer
First The Company is not responsible for the relevance, accuracy or completeness of material on this Web site. Second The Company has no control over the contents of external websites. Therefore expressly distances itself from all external contents, even if on the part of the company to these external sites. This applies to all links on the homepage and for all contents of the pages to which the banners and links, as well as for foreign entries in the company of guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists.

VII. Copyright
The Web page layout, graphics and images, the collection of contributions and individual contributions are protected by copyright. Any reproduction or use is prohibited without the express permission of the author. All rights reserves the company.

Place of performance and jurisdiction
First Place of performance and jurisdiction is the extent legally permissible, the place of business. The Company is also entitled to make valid claims against the client in any other court of competent jurisdiction for that. Second For contracts subject to German law.

IX. Other
First Changes or additions to the contract must be legally valid in writing. Verbal agreements have been made. Second Should any part of these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions remain fully effective.

X. Payments
First Invoices are to be paid over immediately after their receipt without any deduction to a specified account of the company. The discount requires special written agreement. Second If the settlement of a claim for payment due after the contract has occurred or became known in the financial circumstances of the client at risk, so the company can contradict earlier agreement, require a deposit or other security. Third If the customer's payment obligation or a partial default, he shall be paid from that date interest at the rate of 5% per annum above the base rate of the ECB, the company did not prove a higher damage. 4th The company is entitled to demand payment in advance and furnish only after receipt of the invoice total powe



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